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Monday, October 06, 2003

So for LIS510 today ("Information Behavior"), I headed out and attempted to get 10 people to answer a 5-minute survey. I chose to stand in front of Fred Meyer and nab people on their way out. It actually went pretty well -- some better than others, of course. People are funny creatures and I got some interesting and some bizarre responses. One of my favorites was where one woman turned me down (which was fine, about one in three folks did), came back while I was with another woman and then came up to me, apologized and asked to be interviewed! I told her not to worry about but she insisted :)

Each student is required to get 5-10 respondents, submit their notes (basically, an electronic version of the instruments), tabulate the results, write an individual analysis/report, and then write-up a group report (with three other studnents). The topic is pretty interesting -- the professor has come up with a very cool area of investigation and her paper on the topic is currently under peer review and should finalized this week or next -- I'll share more about it then :-)

I'm determined to get my results out to my teammates tonight before going to bed and getting my paper done tomorrow. So that means I need to be doing that, er, now.

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I had a great time on tonight! I was sort of dreading my (2-hour) session tonight because I assumed I would have the same connection problems as last time. So, I was kind of hoping no patrons would drop by... and it looked like that was going to be the case until 10 minutes before my shift ended. Not one, not two, but three folks showed up and I was bouncing around all over the place :-) One lost their connection to the server (not under my control) before I could verify they got the info they needed (looking for reviews on the books/movies, Schindler's List) but the other two were quite happy with what I found for them (overview of Swedish history for a topic for a short paper and the history of music in Oregon during the 1850's).

I'm really looking forward to the rest of my shifts now!

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