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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

There's a been a few follow-ups to Greg's post (somewhat prompted by my entry here) on teaching, learning, and generally sharing one's experience with reference questions (and answers).

Library Girl followed up here and then posted to the LiveJournal communities: libraries and library_grrls.

And here were my own thoughts and comments after reading Greg's post.

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This just in from Mike Eisenberg, the dean of iSchool at the University of Washington (the program I'm enrolled in):

To the entire iSchool community -

I am honored to announce that our own Raya Fidel is winner of the 2003 American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIST) Award for Outstanding Information Science Teacher!

Established in 1980, the award is co-sponsored by ASIST and the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). The $1,000 award is presented to "an individual who has demonstrated sustained excellence in teaching information science." This is a highly competitive award, and the judges carefully look at the nominee's record including letters of support from colleagues, students, and alumni of the nominees. Although Raya's many professional activities and prodigious research contributions served as supporting evidence, this award specifically recognizes Raya as an exceptional teacher of information science.

Raya is in outstanding company in receiving this award. Former winners include F. W. Lancaster (1980), Pauline Atherton Cochrane (1981, to whose festschrift Raya contributed the article, "The User-Centered Approach: How We Got There"), Tefko Saracevic (1985), Linda C. Smith (1987), and current ASIST president (and iSchool outstanding alumni) Nicholas Belkin (1990).

Congratulations to you, Raya, from everyone at the iSchool.



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