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Sunday, October 12, 2003

As a former Software/Internet Consultant, a job like this is something to keep in mind. (This bit of info, btw, came via the NEWLIB-L mailing list today)

Truly, once again, I feel as though I've been bit by the "too many interests" bug. I think I would do exceptionally well in corporate environements given my previous experience. On the otherhand, I feel as though that might not be enough of a change, a change that I've been looking for for awhile now.

Other interests include:

  • Academic libraries (that don't require a second masters such as community colleges, or some private institutions such as the Oregon Graduate Institute)
  • Technical Services (I'm dying to find out if I'm a cataloger or not!)
  • Reference (what bigger thrill is there than the hunt for the right information?)
  • Technology Services (perhaps I don't really need a complete change?)

We shal see!

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Was quite fun to wake up this morning to an email from one Marcia Bates -- of course, it wasn't addressed to me personally but sent out to the ASIST mailing list. She was sending out some very useful information for the out of town travelers headed to ASIS&T's annual conference next weekend.

I need to start looking at one or two conferences to try to attend over the next year. I actually won a free student membership to SLA during the new student residency this past August -- the paperwork is still in process for that and I'm really looking forward to getting involved with my local chapter. And I still need to join OLA too...

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