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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Taking a quick break from writing papers to pop into the Apple iTunes for Windows users forum and talk about a clash of cultures!

What's fascinating from an information management point of view is the conflict in approaches to how Windows users have become accustomed to managing their music files versus how Apple users have. It will be interesting to see how many converts Apple makes to their way of thinking :)

Personally, I have become more and more willing to let something else take care of all the details for me so I guess I'm going to be an easy convert :)

Now, I'm just waiting for all the Radio UserLand plug-ins for it (after having tracked down this one for WMP and BlogAmp for Winamp).

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Geniuses at Your Fingertips. Ron Force writes "They're geniuses, and they're at your fingertipsLong-forgotten public library reference desk stocked with answers, Doug Clark says.This is the Information Age, when fact-seekers surf the cyberwaves via powerful search engines like Google, Alta Vista or the ever-popular Yahoo. Not this yahoo.When Doug needs data, he puts down the computer mouse. He picks up the telephone and dials up Dennis, Jean or Louise.Google's cool, sure. But my search engines would kick your fanny on Jeopardy.Which is why I'm taking today to sing the praises of this oft-overlooked informational resource:The library reference desk..." []

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