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Monday, October 27, 2003

Announcing E-Government for All

A Virtual Conference on E-Government and the Digital Divide November 3-14, 2003

Issues to be covered at the conference:

  • E-government best practices
  • Access to government information, services and decisionmaking
  • Latest research from leading experts
  • Citizen's panel: underserved community experiences with e-government
  • Government website accessibility
  • E-government and importance of 21st century skills
  • International perspectives of e-government
  • And more!

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You must check out these great new t-shirts! I, of course, am leaning towards this one!

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Well, after having been sick for the past few days, I'm alive again. I seem to have caught some kind of 24-hour bug, having spent Saturday fighting a 101.4 fever.

My LIS 550 class is wrapping up: we turned in our group paper last night (a policy document implementing CIPA for a large metropolitan public library) and will spend the last two weeks in small, online discussion groups discussing Manuel Castells' The Internet Galaxy: Reflections of the Internet, Business, and Society. I still have to turn in one last (short) assignment on Sunday but things are definitely wrapping up there :)

LIS 510 however, is turning into quite the steamroller. I love the topic (Information Behavior), the professor (Dr. Karen Fisher) is great, the text is a good read (Looking for Information by Donald Case), and the assignments are very meaningful. Unfortunately, my project group for this course is one of the first to present online to the rest of the class which is due about the same time as an individual paper. Anyhow, we're all in a bit of panic because of the amount of work that has to be done in such a short time, but I'm sure we'll muddle through somehow. Once we get past this part, we'll just get to sit back (sorta) and enjoy everyone else's presentations :-) And then there's one final paper due near the end of the quarter (mid-Decemeber). Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting to the other side of this next push :-)


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