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  Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Infragistics has done it again!  Check out this free .NET resource at their DevCenter.  Jason Beres, who is a recognized .NET author, INETA Speaker, and MVP, developed this ebook and application.  Even if you’re not into using 3rd party controls, I wouldn’t overlook this book, especially if you’re a Windows developer.  Consider the description below…

Tracker is a sample n-Tier Windows Forms application that demonstrates the uses of Infragistics presentation layer controls as well as key Microsoft technologies implemented in a true n-tier architecture.  There is a 10 chapter ebook that accompanies the Tracker application, which will give developers an insight as to why certain things were done, how the application was written, and how to enhance the application for their own use. 

With the ink-enabled controls of Volume 3 of the Infragistics NetAdvantage toolset, the Tracker application is fully TabletPC ready, which gives developers an insight as to how simple it is to write robust ink-enabled applications using the Volume 3 controls.  Besides the vast array of presentation layer elements from Volume 3 used in the Tracker application, some of the key Microsoft technologies demonstrated are:

  • Web Services Enhancements WS-Security, allowing secure authentication from the Windows Forms application to a web service for data access.
  • Microsoft Data Access Application block
  • Microsoft Exception Management application block
  • Microsoft Application Updater application block
  • Multithreaded Windows Forms application for data access
  • Structure for implementing online and offline data access without using Datasets
  • XML Web Service data access or data access directly to SQL Server

Great job Dean, Brad, and Jason!


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This will be silly to most, but I did some stuff with ADO.NET this week that I haven't done before in .NET.  Thanks for Dan Fox who wrote the book on the fastest way to ADO.NET knowledge, Jeff Kirwan, and Steve Henke for the little tips.  Plus, I got a few tips from a newsgroup post.  This entry is mainly for me and my lack of memory.

Renaming a column:
DataTable.Columns("OldColumnName").ColumnName = "NewColumnName" 

Create a column AND assign value based on existing data in the Row:
Dim myColumn As DataColumn = New DataColumn
myColumn.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Char")
myColumn.ColumnName = "non_smoking"
myColumn.DefaultValue = "N"
myColumn.Expression = "IIf(smoking_ind=0, 'Y', 'N')"

Copy one table from a Dataset to another Dataset
ds1.Tables.Add( ds2.Tables(0).Copy )

Build a Parent/Child relationship between tables
ds1.Relations.Add("RelationshipName", _
          dtParent.Columns("room_id"), _

Access child rows
dim arrFeatureRows as DataRow()
arrFeatureRows = parentRow.GetChildRows("RelationshipName", DataRowVersion.Current)

Assign primary key to a table
pk(0) As DataColumn
pk(0) = dt1.Columns("id")
dt1.PrimaryKey = pk

Find a row by primary key


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Rocking the Web with ASP.NET “Whidbey”

Track: Panels   Code: PNL09
Room: Room502AB   Time Slot: Thu, October 30 1:45 PM-3:15 PM
Speakers: Dmitry Robsman, Jon Box, Nikhil Kothari, Rob Howard, Scott Guthrie, Shanku Niyogi, Thomas Lewis

ASP.NET V1 forever changed how web applications are built. ASP.NET "Whidbey" dramatically accelerates web development even further reducing the total lines of code a developer needs to write by more than 2/3rds from previous ASP.NET releases. Come talk to the key architects and designers of ASP.NET as they discuss and answer questions about powerful new ASP.NET "Whidbey" features like Master Pages, Skinning/Themes, Personalization, Adaptive Rendering, Declarative Data Access, Built-in Membership and Role Management services, and new Administration, Configuration and Deployment APIs. This is a unique opportunity for you to ask questions one-on-one with the key ASP.NET architects building the product, the internal implementation inside it, and hear first hand about the core design decisions made during the development of the new release.

Has anyone seen the list of panelists for this panel?  I will be covering this event on my blog.


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