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  Saturday, October 18, 2003

The masterful Steve Henke, co-leader of our .NET User Group, writes:


If you have accomplished ALL of the following, then you should NOT come to the next Memphis .NET user Group meeting, next Tuesday, October 21, 2003:


  • You know why XML is important and how it can help make data transfer and manipulation more efficient and elegant
  • You understand SQL Server Web integration
    • You’ve set up IIS Virtual Directory Management for SQL Server
    • You can run SQL Server sprocs and queries from IE
  • You know all the ways to get XML into and out of SQL Server
  • You know how to transform XML into HTML, CSV, other XML formats, and for other devices
  • You know the tools in .NET to consume XML fastest


For everyone else, come to the Memphis .NET User Group meeting on Tuesday night at 6:00 pm at 3175 Lenox Park Boulevard, Suite 201.  Jerry Dixon, Quilogy Senior Consultant, will present a demo-packed exhibition of XML.  This presentation will be useful for developers, DBAs, and systems people alike.


Bring a friend, enjoy refreshments, and participate in the drawing for books and a copy of Visual Studio .NET.


Go to to register.


Open this link to add a reminder to your calendar:



10:20:57 PM    comment []

Robert Scoble talks about the upcoming PDC.  He says:

You know, at the PDC you'll hear a lot from folks with names like Box, Brumme, Anderson, Gates, and Allchin. But, for me, the PDC wouldn't have happened without…

WOW!  He mentions me first, even before Gates

Thanks Mr. Scoble.

5:52:20 PM    comment []

Simulating Server Includes with ASP.NET
Paul Sheriff, fellow RD and noted .NET speaker and author, has an article on MSDN, titled “Simulating Include Files with an ASP.NET Server Control”.  Abstract: Learn to create a server control to include common HTML across multiple pages. Since ASP.NET 1.1 has no built-in means of maintaining a common look and feel across multiple Web sites, simulating #include files enables you to modify HTML for multiple sites in one location.

Equality Performance
Grant Killian explains why he thinks Equals() is better than “=” in VB.NET.  He does a nice job explaining why and shows how he came to the conclusion.

.NET BootStrapper
Duncan Mackenzie talks about a VS.NET plug-in created by the VS team.  It changes your VS made Setup projects to include the Framework bootstrapper with the Windows Installer bootstrapper.  So upon deployment, the install will check for the existence of the Framework.  Get the latest from a gotdotnet workspace.


5:39:11 PM    comment []

Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7.1 addresses the top USB connectivity issues resulting in significant increase in connectivity reliability. Specifically, ActiveSync 3.7.1:

  • Enhances USB driver to improve connection stability and avoid crashes
  • Improves detection of cradled devices
    • Addresses issue with ActiveSync falling into guest mode repeatedly
    • Addresses issue where desktop fails to detect cradled device
    • Addresses issue where device and desktop report different connection states and sync does not start
  • Improves the reliability of large file transfers
  • Enhances Desktop Connection Wizard UI to make connection setup easier
  • Improves stability to reduce application level crashes


5:06:45 PM    comment []

Earlier this week, the Visual Studio “Hosted Experience” was updated with the following substantial improvements:

-       Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System is now pre-installed, along with links to walkthroughs and the demo

-       Users now have the option of evaluating products from 8 of our VSIP partners within the Hosted Experience. The current partners are Infragistics, InstallShield, Wilde, Crystal Reports, Deklarit, Preemptive, ARTech, and Sanctum. Even more partners will be added in the coming months.

-       “101 Samples” was added in both VB and C#
-       A few bug fixes and enhancements were made to the overall user experience

We have several enhancements planned for future versions of the Hosted Experience as this continues to grow and become the preferred way for customers to evaluate Visual Studio. The Hosted Experience helps users start evaluating Visual Studio in under 5 minutes, for free, and without having to install and configure the software. Users have access to the Hosted Experience for up to 3 hours at a time, but they can always come back and request a new block of time.


4:49:22 PM    comment []

 In an earlier post, I discussed my first opportunity to see PHP.  Now, Kent Sharkey mentions that the ASP.NET Developer Center has a new section for PHP developers.  Kent also says that there is a whitepaper that compares PHP to ASP.NET, plus other resources that the PHP developer should look over like how to get started with ASP.NET for the princely, non-MSFT price of USD$0”.  Spoken in true Kent Sharkey style!


4:34:03 PM    comment []

I first saw this on Rory’s blog and had to check into it.  Rory points to a news item on Slashdot which has the following entry:

"An systematic study conducted by NEC-Mitsubishi, ATI Technologies and the University of Utah has concluded that the use of multiple monitors in the workplace increases productivity. The study is discussed on Tom's Hardware, EE Times, and there's a detailed press release on NEC-Mitsubishi. For those of us who use multi-monitors, this is not shocking. But maybe now that it's official, IT managers will view it as a good investment and not just for gamers."

Take a look at the EE Times article “Multiple Monitor Computing Demonstrates Tangible Benefits”.   "The study reveals multi-screen users get on task quicker, work faster and get more work done with fewer errors editing documents, spreadsheets, and graphic files in comparison with single screen users," said Dr. James Anderson, professor at the University of Utah's Department of Communication. "The technology required to support multi-monitor computing is not only affordable, it has become standard within operating systems and LCD displays. Multiple monitor configurations are poised to become the new standard in the workplace."

These articles all showed and discussed productivity while using flat-screen panels.  It makes sense that NEC and ATI would.  With a setup like the picture below, couldn’t you be more productive?  At the client site that I’m currently working, the customer provided a monitor for my usage.  So, combined with my DELL notebook which has multi-monitor support, I’m doing multi-monitor development.  I can run my mail client or Query Analyzer on one screen and VS.NET on the other doing debugging.  So, there is a benefit without dual flat displays.  But don’t they look good?  So, forward the article to your management and get more work done while your surfing.


After reading the article, I had some other strange curiousities:
If there is a productivity increase with two monitors, what would happen with 3?  What if I had an entire wall that was a single monitor?
How would this work with headset displays?
How will the Tablet PC be involved in this?  Maybe they can put screens on both sides?


4:00:33 PM    comment []

I’ve heard several people mention and/or complain since the news started slipping about Longhorn not arriving in 2005.  Even Mary Jo Foley has talked about it.  But she asked a good question:  “Why does it matter?”   Mary Jo:  I’m with you.

I have great O/S’s in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, a great runtime platform in .NET that allows me to build all sorts of application types, great tools with VS.NET, and a variety of other Microsoft server products that will address any need of every business that I know (SQL, SharePoint, BizTalk, their upcoming new releases, etc).  I can wait for an O/S that will raise the platform bar again.

P.S. – I recommend subscribing to Mary Jo Foley’s RSS feed.  


3:27:37 PM    comment []

Bill Evjen, Executive Director of INETA and Technical Director in Reuters R&D, has started a blog.  Bill is the RD in St. Louis, and author of several top .NET books.  He also founded the St. Louis .NET Users Group.

Juval Lowy, one of the Software Legends and a noted author and speaker on .NET topics, has started a blog.  Juval co-presented with me at TechEd and is also one of the Silicone Valley RD’s.  Juval is also active in the Bay.NET User Group.

These are two very intelligent people who are “in the know” when it comes to Microsoft and .NET.  If you have a chance to hear them talk or read any of their writing, I would encourage you not to miss.

3:12:07 PM    comment []

Carl Franklin, fellow RD and host of the infamous .NET Rocks show, has now started blogging.  If you don’t know about Carl or the show, you have to check it out.  Carl not only puts on an entertaining show, he allows listeners to download the recorded interviews for later listening.  Good stuff…

Recently, Carl started Club .NET Rocks!.  “For about the cost of a pack of cigarettes a week”, you’ll receive a weekly CD of the show plus other benefits.

BTW, Carl is on the Sys-Con Radio interview schedule.  Subscribe to the .NETDJ RSS feed to get coverage of all of the PDC activities.


2:01:34 AM    comment []

Due to the most read blog within Microsoft mentioning my blog (thank you Mr. Scoble), I was looking at my referer rankings on Radio.  When I noticed that someone had found my page by googling for Quilogy, my employer.  I clicked on the Google link to see the result, and I was certainly amused.  How many ways can someone spell Quilogy?  In an effort to assist those who might spell Quilogy in different ways, I counted 10 spellings of Quilogy.  Is this some inverse Soundex algorithm? 

See how many ways you can spell Quilogy and then check out this list.


1:35:23 AM    comment []

 Jeffrey McManus posted a visual calendar version of the PDC BOF Schedule.


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