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  Monday, 6 September 2004

I've been out and about all weekend. I didn't get home until after dark on Sunday night and I went almost straight to bed, exhausted, too tired to even blog. So today I catch up with all the photos.

My Sunday drive took in the Riwaka River Resurgence which is a beautiful spot my family used to visit for picnics when I was a kid. It is just how I remembered it minus the swings and slides which have been removed (thanks to public liability law). A short walk from the picnic area, through some virgin native bush, is the spot where the Riwaka River emerges from underground at the base of the Takaka Hill. The water is incredibly clear and the surrounding bush is lush. Plant life clings to everything...

I must return to the Riwaka River Resurgence again soon with a bigger tripod and more time to explore. I think most of the good angles for photographs will be found from the middle of the river, clear of the overhanging bush. I'll need the heaviest tripod I can lay my hands on, a good pair of waders, and steady feet.

Then it was off to the top of the Takaka Hill to find Harwoods Hole. Harwoods Hole is a mouth to a huge cave system that is 176m straight down. The track to find the hole is as wonderful as the attraction itself. Its hard to walk through this place without keeping an eye out for Golem behind the moss covered rocks.

I was kicking myself for leaving my tripod in the van for this walk. The light was very low but the colours vibrant. I needed long exposures to really get the saturated green. The shot above was one shot I managed to hand hold steady enough. Another spot I'll be returning too soon, with more time.

The view from the ridge above Harwoods Hole was worth the climb over jagged rocks...

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