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  Sunday, 12 September 2004

Today, for the first time in many months, we got wind, on the monthly Nelson Kite Club Rabbit Island event. Woo hoo! I've just got home and I'm all buggyed out.

 A nice northerly breeze was blowing when I arrived at the beach just after midday. I was the first one with a kite in the air, and the last on to leave just before sunset. The breeze stayed pretty steady all afternoon and was perfect for my 8.5m c-quad. Four other kite-buggiers showed up during the afternoon along with a handful of other kite fliers. One club member turned up with a newly acquired sand yacht, which was rigged on the beach. It looked rather large and cumbersome next to a kite buggy but this thing is made for some big speeds that a kite buggy could never reach. There wasn't quite enough wind for it today but the guys still got it rolling using a 8.5m c-quad instead of its mast and sail, just for fun.

Roy launches his 8.5m raspberry flavoured c-quad. Thats my kite buggy in the foreground.

The sand yacht Equinoxe and its proud new owner. I think it's a very aesthetically pleasing vehicle and I'd love to try it out in a good strong wind. I'm told it is easily capable of speeds in excess of 100kph!   8D

Of course with this bright orange beauty sitting in the middle of the beach, with four or five kite buggiers cruising past it, back and forth, it wasn't long before someone suggested it....

And what do-ya know, it worked! (but it doesn't look to comfortable being the power guy.)

Kite buggying is always more fun  when there's someone to chase.

I think I played to hard...
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