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  Sunday, 19 September 2004

Sometimes, as an exercise in photography I challenge myself to sit or stand in one spot, and see how many good photographs I can find, from that one point of view. Often it is surprising how many shots there are, especially using telephoto lenses. This morning I stopped on my drive home and sat in the sun, in a rest area for a while. While sitting there I looked around through the viewfinder with my 75-300mm zoom lens on the camera. Its amazing what you see when you look for long enough...

Going by all I know about aerodynamics and the laws of physics (not much admittedly), this creature should not be able to fly, let alone manoeuvre around these flowers with the precision and agility displayed here.
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My friend Devon went to Wellington on the Picton (inter-island) ferry this morning. He's into week 2 of his first holiday in years. I gave him a lift over to Picton this morning, which is about and hour and a half drive from Nelson, to catch the 10am sailing. I managed to get a speeding ticket on the way, for doing 92kph in and 80kph zone. 12kph over = $80 infringement fee. I won't complain. It was a fair cop, I wasn't paying attention to my speed, in fact I thought I was going faster than the little machine on the patrol cars dashboard said, but I kept that to myself. I still got Devon to the boat on time and then drove home via Queen Charlotte sound, at a somewhat more leisurely pace.

10 points to anyone who can guess which passenger is Devon. Clue for the really short-sighted: He's looking back through his binoculars.

The Interisland Ferry, Aratere, leaving Picton headed to Wellington. The first hour of its three hour journey will be winding through the Marlborough sounds to emerge into the exposed waters of Cook Straight. This shot was taken from a lookout at the start of Queen Charlotte Drive where I stopped for a coffee before driving home (speeding ticket in hand).
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I've been prolifically photographic this weekend. So much so that yesterday I just ran myself into the ground. I went to bed Saturday night absolutely shattered.

It started after work on Friday when I just felt the need to get away, anywhere. I got in the van and drove, leaving home right on sunset having no idea where I was going to go. I ended up touring around until about ten o'clock when I parked up at the Spooners Range Lookout again. The three sunrise photos I published yesterday night were taken from there.

Saturday morning I still felt like driving so I went for an excursion up the Aniseed valley. This is a popular picnic area and I remember many summer days from my childhood swimming in the river there. Further up the valley is the Hacket Picnic area which is the start to the Hacket track. An hour an a halfs walk down that track is the Whispering Falls. I walked to the falls and back, filling almost 750mb worth of memory cards in the camera on the way. I got rained on walking back and wet feet from river crossings. By the time I got back I was wet, cold and tired. I drove home and almost collapsed into bed right away. I held on long enough to eat something and publish the three sunrise photos. In my mentally and physically drained state there was no way I could muster up any words to go with them.

Here is my Saturday in pictures...

The Hacket River full with the recent spring rains.

Some blossom along the track-side.

This is just one of the larger Whispering Falls. The falls are actually all over this hillside. Little cascades of water spring from the bush at every turn. The floor of the forest is a network of little streams created by this rivers indecisive descent of a mossy hillside.

The view looking down on some the falls.

One of the literally hundreds of smaller falls that litter the bush. In many places the track was the path of least resistance and became part of the flow. It was impossible to keep my feet dry (I have holes in my boots) walking this part of the track.

I was already wet from the falls when it started to rain on my way back. I had a rain jacket with me but I was still very cold by the time I got back to the van. The cold drained my energy and as a result I went to bed in a unhealthy state last night. I had a splitting headache and my body was aching from chills.  I felt sure I would wake this morning with a cold.  But it seems a good nights sleep (12 hours straight) was all my body needed to get it together again.

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