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  Saturday, 11 September 2004

Last night I drove back to the picnic area at the source of the Riwaka River. The weather forecast was for rain, which arrived during the night, in the form of a heavy drizzle. It provided just the right light to photograph this river between light showers this morning...

This shot is right beside the spot I parked at 12.05 this morning. With everything looking fresh and green after the rain, and the soft light provided by the overcast sky, the river was looking particularly colourful at first light.

Me and the van. Just having a quick brew before walking the track to the river source.

A fifteen minute walk through some beautiful native bush is even nicer in the rain.

Heres the spot where the river emerges from the side of the Takaka Hill. Divers have explored this cave as far as they can. What to know whats down there? Check this diagram out (courtesy of the D.O.C. signage at the location.)

A few hundred meters downstream the river breifly disappears beneath a labarinth of rock again...

Under these boulders is the river. Clambering over the top I could faintly hear it but could not see any water.

The flow emerges again at the Crystal Pool.
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