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  Monday, 27 September 2004

Photos from Saturday at Wharariki Beach...

Awwwwwwww.... A seal pup stops for a look at the humans on the beach. There was a group of three or four pups playing in the shallow tidal pools while the parents watched from several hundred meters aways on the rocky shelves of the islands. These pups were really bold and playful. One of them thought it was great sport to come rocketing out of the water and land belly down on the beach as close to the humans as he could, there by giving them a fright and making them leap back. Again and again he did it. Others were chasing each other from the water to the beach and back to the water, in a never ending loop of joyful fun.

I took this picture with a 55mm lens so you photographers out there can imagine how close I was able to get to these guys. There are more pictures of the seal pups in the photo album I've published on the kite club site and some prints too.

Wharariki's coastline is extraordinary (print).

This is the area where the seal pups were playing at low tide.

My kite buggy in the foreground and one of the more stubborn parts of the coast, that seems to have found immunity to erosion.

Craig in his Big-foot buggy.

The advantage of those Bigfoot buggy wheels is, given enough wind, you can play in the softer sand of dunes like these, with out the fear of getting stuck.

Theres heaps more pictures in the NKC photo gallery and I've made some prints available.

Next time I visit Wharariki won't be far away, and I'm going to make point of getting to the beach by sunrise to photograph it. It could be quite a challenge getting there in the dark if there isn't any moon. But thats another adventure, for another day.

Ok.... the thirteen dollar question... whats it gonna be for Wallpaper Wednesday this week?

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