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  Thursday, 23 September 2004

Its been a strange week at work. It's week 1 of 2 of the school holidays so the College I work at is pretty much deserted, apart from a few tradesmen and teachers on training courses. They leave me alone in my little office and I plod away. I've been keeping srange hours too, arriving early in the morning so I can take long lunch breaks or go to the beach at 2pm.

While having McD's for lunch today I found myself wondering what they do to the ice in their drinks to keep it from melting. Then I wondered if the same technology could be employed to keep the polar ice caps from melting, thus combating the effects of golbal warming.
Now thats what I call a brain fart.

This weekend is shaping up to be a big one. I'm planning to kite buggy on Wharariki Beach on Saturday. At least one other kite buggy pilot is planning to be there, and an email has been sent to the Nelson Kite Club inviting anyone to join us. I'll be camping at Pakawau Beach Camp on Friday night and then heading to Wharariki (10 minute drive away) mid-morning on Saturday. You can drive to within a kilometer or two from the beach and then a walking track is the only way in from there. It means lugging kites and buggy all the way along the track, through farmland and bush. The beach though, will be worth every bit of the effort... if the wind is right. Fingers crossed for a strong onshore breeze. If the weather is good and looks like continuing I'll probably stay over there on Saturday night too, and have another go on Sunday. Kaycee is booked in for a weekend at my parents (where I'm sure she will be more than comfortable).

Heres a shot of Wharariki from the last time I was there. This weekend, unlike this picture, the tide will be low and there will be even more beach to buggy.

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