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Daily Permalink Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Here's my cell phone in case you need directions to the dinner tonight. 408-314-8233.

Anyone in the Seattle area is welcome to meet us for dinner tonight at 7 p.m. at the Crossroads. Lots of geeks should be there, including Sam Gentile, Robert McLaws, Jeff Prosise, and me.

Yes, if your machine is having weird troubles, you might have gotten a virus (here's coverage on about MSBlast). I got hit yesterday with this virus. I fixed the problem by turning on the Firewall built into Windows XP.

Sudhakar Sadasivuni points to the latest IIS vs. Apache vs other Web server usage figures. Wow, looks like IIS is picking up customers.

Oh, geez, invite a weblogger to stay for the week, and what happens? He weblogs about me in my robe. I guess that's fair.

Robert McLaws did get my wireless working, so all is fair. We also bought my son an Xbox, and he's happily playing games at 1 a.m.

Hey, you gotta raise them to be a geek.

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