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Daily Permalink Thursday, August 21, 2003

Canon announced a new low-cost digital SLR camera. $900 for the body only. Now we're starting to talk!

By the way, I haven't talked about it for a while, but DPReview is still the best place to get camera information.

Denise Howell shows what happens when you send a blank email to a bunch of lawyers.

Oh, my wife is hooked on this new show called "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." These five gay stylists take over a straight guy's life and fix him up. She wants the five guys to visit me. Oh, geez.

No Maryam, I will not use Vitamin C cream on my face.

Hey, my boss (Robert Hess) hosts the .NET show (and keeps a killer weblog and website on cocktails, of all things). This month's issue of the .NET Show is a humdinger. Chris Sells, Brad Abrams, Anders Hejlsberg, and Nick Hoddap talk about managed code.

Did you know my comments are available as an RSS feed?

The new Quentin Tarantio movie "Kill Bill" looks awesome.

Chris Pirillo has a new "dictionary of bloggers." Here's a sample: "SCOBOL - programming language that only works with Microsoft operating systems."

BBC: Teenagers say they want to work with computers for the "excitement and the money."

Heh, this is a great (er, funny) definition of what the blogosphere is.

WhatIsNew has an update of the MathPractice app for Tablet PCs. Cool!

The other day I said I would comment on any Longhorn information posted publicly. I've now changed my policy. I will not link to, or post information about, stuff that hasn't been released officially.

Why the change? I'll be honest, I've gotten a bit of heck from people inside Microsoft and upon talking with my friends and co-workers about it, I've decided that my new policy will be not to link or talk about stuff unless Microsoft has officially released something.

Kevin Marks was one of the few people I knew from Apple and now he's been fired. Interesting. Shows that doing a weblog doesn't guarantee that you'll stay employed. Good luck Kevin.

Looking for a job? Inluminent has some great tips.

Paul Thurrott debunks my claim that I've seen Aero (scroll down to the comments on that BetaNews article). Heh.

Wired Magazine: "PowerPoint corrupts absolutely." Yeah, this is a me too link. Seems like everyone else has already linked to this one. Oh well, late to the party again.

Jupiter Research Microsoft Monitor: "DirectX Security Alert."

Heh, my blog was quoted Wednesday in BetaNews. The journalist didn't ask and didn't let me know that he was gonna use my quotes. That's OK and to be expected.

But, why not drop me a line? I work three doors down from one of Microsoft's top marketing/PR people. I have great contacts at Waggener Edstrom now (Microsoft's PR program). And, I know lots of other people at Microsoft who might be able to give you a more complete story. If you drop me a line and let me know before you publish, we'll be able to do a much better job for you and your publication.

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