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Daily Permalink Monday, August 18, 2003

Paul Thurrott has an update on Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Oh, great, now a DirectX Virus security problem was found. We're being warned to patch systems again.

Ian Bretherton points us at Wintellect's ASP.NET FAQ.

Rob Bennett tells us which Seattle-area restaurants have half-price wine nights.

Eric Gunnerson cleans up his C# code with a preview of stuff that Microsoft will deliver next year.

Robert Wlodarczyk started at Microsoft today and added the standard disclaimer to his weblog. That reminds me. I gotta add that to mine too. Welcome Robert! We need more employees named Robert! :-)

One thing you can't tell much at home is that for the past three months I've been blogging on a dialup modem and that I didn't have Tivo, so I didn't watch much TV at all.

I finally have a cable modem, my wireless back up (thanks Robert McLaws for helping with that), my Tivo, a new Xbox, and my AV system hooked up. Now that I have TV and DVD again, will my blogging slow down? We'll see.

By the way, I don't know if I mentioned it, but my Tivo was a wedding present from Buzz Bruggeman and Ernie the Attorney. Out of all the presents we received, it's the one I use the most. Thanks guys, I love ya!

By the way, did anyone notice how lots of people are moving to TypePad? I'm thinking of doing that for a Longhorn-specific blog. Got a few more weeks to decide on that, though.

Maryam and I have found someplace that's awesome, though. It's the Mojito Cafe. I love hole-in-the-wall restaurants that not everyone knows about. Try the steak there and the Mojitos are must haves.

Anyone got a few million to loan me? Seattle needs a few In-N-Out Burger joints. Just went by Dick's tonight. Boy does that place suck. Whoever opens up the first In-N-Outs will make a mint here.

Chris Anderson was one of the volunteers who helped out on the tech support lines over the weekend. Interesting insights: "Windows is too hard to use." Think that this experience won't help? Chris is one of the architects on the Longhorn team.

Joe Beda is looking for a great programmer to help out on Longhorn's graphics APIs.

If I was a school teacher who used a TabletPC I'd be all over this presenter app.

Jim Allchin just emailed all the employees and updated us on the virus situation. Tons of Microsoft employees volunteered so far to help answer tech support lines. Plus, he told us that there's a new site that will help users protect their PCs.

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