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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I was watching the women's figure skating short program tonight. It's really kind of amazing how so many of the world's best figure skaters live in Southern California--a place best known for sunny beaches.
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Peru Won't Pardon Jailed American. Peru's justice minister on Tuesday ruled out a presidential pardon for Lori Berenson after the Supreme Court confirmed the American woman's 20-year sentence for aiding leftist rebels. [AP World News]

Hopefully President Bush will let her rot. If we want the rest of the world to take our opposition to terrorism seriously, we have to prove that we oppose even American terrorists.
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Ralph Nader Says 9/11 Would Never Have Happened If He Had Been President. Nader said he would have made changing cockpit doors a priority, so the 9/11 terrorist attacks would never have happened. Yet another indication that Nader and reality separated years ago. [LeftWatch.Com]

Personally, I think if Nader had been elected president the attacks wouldn't have happened for a different reason. I think the terrorists would have all died laughing over what a joke America had become if it could elect such a buffoon.
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Letter from an American prison. Rabih Haddad, co-founder of the second largest Muslim charity in the United States, has for the past two months been incarcerated in a maximum security prison. He is in a cell for extremely violent criminals, he is not allowed outside, and he is chained and shackled everytime he leaves his cell. What did he do to deserve such treatment? He overstayed his visa. This letter was written by Mr. Haddad to the Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism, and it details the experience one such Muslim is going through in these witch hunt post 9/11 times. []

As bad as this man's situation is, it could be worse. At least this name and location are known, which is more than can be said of many of the people who were "disappeared."
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Winter Olympics 'face climate risk'. US conservationists say future Winter Olympics may be at risk in a warmer world. [BBC News: sci/tech]

The ecofreaks would have us believe that global warming may put an end to winter by 2010. How can anybody take these clowns seriously?
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'Aggressive pacifists' put their faith on the firing line. Cameron W. Barr at The Christian Science Monitor - 'Aggressive pacifists' put their faith on the firing line - Christian Peacemaker Teams talk to Israeli soldiers in occupied Palestine attempting to convince them of the error of their ways. Unarmed. [lew] [End the War on Freedom]

The "pacifists" never try to convince the Palestinian terrorists of the error of their ways. Is it because they're anti-Israeli, or is it because they realize which side might possibly listen to them?
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