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Monday, September 02, 2002

Garth: Throat of the Deadly Bloody Serious: "Steven Garrity leaps into the fray (post and comments, 3:29 1.6MB audio). I'd love to reply in full, but... uh, other matters press. Harold is watching the transition from the silent blogs to the talkies. Adam still doesn't know what the value of audioblogging is, either. :)"
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[Scripting News]: "Harold Gilchrist: The feedback to audio blogging so far has been interesting and exciting." Dave, thanks for the link!!
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The feedback to audio blogging so far has been interesting and exciting. It's interesting to read and listen to people try to get their brain around this new way of communicating. I find this interaction very engouraging as a developer. You can just feel audio blogging will be unique and different and it will compliment probably more than it will emulate the webpages and weblogs before it. It will open up ways to enhance this medium in ways we never were able to do before. We are in a very interesting time right now. The transition from the silent blogs to the talkies.
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[Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog] Steven analyzes audioblogging in an audio-post: "There are lots of potential problems with the idea of audioblogging. The biggest and most obvious problem would be that no one wants to hear me, or any other navel-gazing weblogger ranting and raving about something or other."

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Online Schools Won't Get Easy 'A'. As virtual primary schools steadily attract more students, traditional school districts complain that the online campuses siphon public money from dwindling budgets. By John Gartner. [Wired News]
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