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Saturday, September 28, 2002


American Invisible, Inc. ->  Web Hosting -> " What's the answer? Subscribe to cable and serve the files from home? Or is it time to find a web host? I'm severely limited in what I can spend. "

With your limited budget, I vote for serving the files from home if you can.  Just realize you will have some outage as broadband service has not been designed to be or is treated as a mission critical service by the telcos or the cable companies. 

In the near future I believe this will change and home broadband will become much more reliable.  When we start to use more multimedia over the Internet in our daily lives the telcos and cable companies will realize our home broadband service expectations demand the service to be as reliable as their mission critical services.  We now have Microsoft to let them know this.

With Microsoft creating partnerships like the one with Verizon to give technical support for their DSL products, these kind of issues will rise very quickly up the priority list with a very loud voice.  Reliable Broadband service will save Microsoft alot of money and is a must for .NET. 

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Via the:

--> Bluetooth starts to reach usefulness --> " Bluetooth works over just a few dozen feet and can handle only several hundred kilobits of information per second. But this turns out to be the right combination to extend battery life while still operating fast enough to replace cables and extend the usefulness of many devices you might already be carrying around. "

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InfoWorld: Wireless -> Raising the roof" Voeller is also developing a wireless strategy to empower field workers to access needed information instantly, no matter where they are. With staff often spending months at some building sites -- working from trailers without simple phone hook-ups -- wireless is the ultimate solution. "
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