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Tuesday, August 5, 2003

I was reading Gnome Girl's incredibly long rant - I could make no sense of it other than she's the target of some useless hatin'. Halfway through I got distracted by her blogroll - and who do I see: wKen!

Remember this guy? I thought he was able to get the blogmonkey off his back. Well, no, wKen's back at a new url (just like he said, but not anonymously.)

He's got the right philosophy on the California gubinatorial recall, but remember, it's wKalifornia! So I'm thinking we need to draft WK for the job. Howard Dean's proved blogs get votes, and both Reagan and Nixon bounced to the whitehouse from the left coast, so go for it wKen! Your state (and eventually nation) needs you.

A scientific drawing of MarsMore Mars:

The Schwar 'scope (745mm f.l.) with 4.8mm Nagler ocular, a 2x Barlow and an orange glass filter were used for this drawing, which took 20 min to complete at the scope.

The dark triangle on the left is Syrtis, the dark area on the right is Margaritifer and the pale plain at the bottom is Arabia. I think Mars is rotated about 45 degrees west compared with the pictures of two nights ago.

Warning: Mars will be in opposition - as close as it's gonna get for a while - at the end of this month. I will be posting observations often.


Horst at The Aardvark Speaks has some interesting things to say about blogrolls (lists of blogs.) My own blogroll is divided into sections - mostly categorized by my perception of their function. I read them all occasionally.

The first section, The 'Hood, points to blogs that blogroll me, subscribe to 101-365, point here from time to time, comment on posts or are neighbors for some other reason. I read these blogs regularly.

Many of the authors are friends, although I have met only three (almost four) of them in person.

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