03 September 2002
I'm off to Portugal for a few days. Perhaps a few blogworthy items will emerge from a conference I'm attending there. Bye!
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NY Times: U.S. Cellphone Users Don't Seem to Get Message About Messaging. The service, known as S.M.S. (for short message service), is already wildly popular in Europe and Asia, but it has been delayed in the United States -- partly because it had been impossible to send messages among carriers and partly because it has not been marketed well by the cellphone companies.
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William Gibson. "The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet." [Quotes of the Day]
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Errrr... OK. Better than cooking up some books instead. <<The Regression Of The Pointy-Haired Boss. Plastic::Work::Trends: According to its advocates, playing with the colourful bricks will help executives "uncover business insights and enhance business performance". [Plastic: Most Recent]>>
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From BoingBoing: <<Missile silo for sale. A $2,000,000+ missile silo in the Adirondacks is up for auction on eBay -- as the seller sez, "This could be your weapon against growing world terrorism." Or, it could be the swinginest, loneliest bachelor pad you can imagine. >>
ATLAS-F MISSILE SILO HOME FEATURES (above ground house) Open floor plan home w/ kitchen, island fireplace and wrap around covered porch, a large garage which has a secret escape hatch to the underground. The surface home doubles as an entrance to the Launch Control Center (LCC) and Silo below. See photo of keypad entry locking steel doors. [Boing Boing Blog]

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Moving pictures go mobile: <<The wireless communications industry is likely to start using technology that should bring good quality video to mobile phones and around the home, following a deal between the licensing authority of the Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG-LA) and patent-holders for the MPEG-4 technology.>> (FT)

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Noteworthy sounds a log way off:  <<It seems so obvious. On the one hand, you have a mobile phone. It's portable. It's built for sound. It can receive digitised data over the airwaves. The network operators are desperate for cash. On the other, you have the music companies. They have vast databases full of music in digital form. Faced with falling CD sales, they are desperate for more cash.>> (FT)

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