19 September 2002
How greedy was my Valley?. A noir mystery and an academic study anatomize Silicon Valley's culture of fast money and culture splicing. [Salon.com]
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Analysis: National Cybersecurity Strategy draft stirs mixed reviews. Delay draws praise, but critical issues within plan evoke criticism [InfoWorld: Top News]
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Oscar Wilde. "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." [Quotes of the Day]
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Here's my story from Wired.com, on the event I attended last week: A Gathering of Big Crypto Brains. Every year, a select group of digital security and cryptography experts convene for a meeting of the minds. Canned presentations are abandoned -- and then the fun begins. Karlin Lillington reports from Naas, Ireland. [Wired News]
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No posts from me for most of today. I am working with a group in an all-day exercise in which people from various organisations, state bodies, companies, etc etc come together for networking but more pointedly to gain insight into how other organisations work and think. In today's event I get to be the media adviser to a group who will have to take the roles of editors and reporters, as other groups try to cut deals, negotiate, and convince 'the press' that their spin on the developing story is the real one! It should be good fun. Especially as our makey-uppy newspaper is supposed to be more of a tabloid than a broadsheet. I'm banning all Page Three Girls, however...

And our story (see below) did make the front page, the Digital Hub piece.

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Oh, thank goodness. My default folder in Hotmail is the junk folder. I fish out the few emails I want and dump the rest. That's pretty sad, but I am reluctant to give up my Hotmail account, which, like my home email account, I've had since about 1996. Hotmail aims to cut spam off at the pass. Microsoft strikes deal with Brightmail to slam spam [InfoWorld: Top News]
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