25 September 2002
Microsoft Ireland has just announced that 15 .NET jobs based here will be "relocated" to Redmond. From the release:

The relocation of the roles will enhance synergies between similar skill sets and will drive efficiencies for the Company as it continues to innovate and offer a broadening range of products and services to its global client base.

In other words, these area redundancies for Ireland.

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News.Com: At the center of the patent storm. Q&A with Danny Weitzner, W3C. "The critical concern that has led us to push so hard for a royalty-free policy is that for all the different Web software implementers it would be terribly hard to negotiate with the parent holders. They don't have their own patent portfolios or intellectual property lawyers." [Tomalak's Realm]
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BT has officially and finally dropped it's stupid, stupid internet hyperlink patent case... The telecom giant probably did more damage to its credibility & image thru this ridiculous lawsuit than it would ever have gained financially, had it won.
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Come visit the Chewing Gum Graveyard... (warning: but not while you're having lunch!)
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Why not wifi at Dublin Airport? We now have unlicensed spectrum: England's Birmingham Airport goes wireless: <<The airport is one of the first public hot spots in England, which only recently approved commercial network use of the unlicensed spectrum.>>[80211b News]

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From Boing Boing: <<Bond-Barbie. Barbie has been made over as a Bond girl:
As James Bond, Ken has matured nicely with rooted hair, with slight silvering at his temples, wearing a midnight blue tuxedo, and authentic recreation of the classic tux by Brioni, the famed clothier. Linda Hemming, the award winning costume designer in charge of this year's James Bond film, outfits Barbie doll. She wears a blood red gown with a glittering gold lace overlay and a gauzy red shawl with a gold filigree design. Her gown is cut up the side to reveal lots of leg as well as not so discreet hip strap that anchors Barbie's cell phone. The set is slated for release in November, to coincide with the premiere of "Die Another Day," the new James Bond film. Bond, James Bond, meet Barbie, just Barbie...
Link [Boing Boing Blog]>>
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The words "stable door", "horse" and "bolted" come to mind, but with luck I might be wrong...: Netscape hops onboard Lindows. Lindows-AOLTW alliance cements rivalry with Microsoft [InfoWorld: Top News]
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John Andrew Holmes. "It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others." [Quotes of the Day]
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"Strange Matters" by Tom Siegfried. From strange quark matter to multiple universes, visionaries predict the weird things science has yet to discover. [Salon.com]
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Hydrogen research is really big in Iceland (and they heat their outdoor swimming pools geothermally; how cool is that?! (swimming in them was one of the highlights of a trip to Iceland for me but I'm a bit passionate about swimming and pools...). Hydrogen is rather secretly of great interest to car manufacturers, who realise the gorge-fest on fossil fuels is gradually drawing to a close, according to a Red Herring piece on this subject written some time ago (two years?) by my pal Niall McKay. Today's piece is from Salon.com: Hydrotopia. <<Say goodbye to fossil fuels. Author and environmentalist Jeremy Rifkin explains why hydrogen is the next great power source.>> [Salon.com]
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Nicholas Negroponte on Wi-Fi's disruptive effect: <<In the Sky Dayton-cover issue of Wired, Negroponte writes about how Wi-Fi is a harbinger of unclenching the fists of telecommunications companies on ubiquitous or at least widespread data networks. He talks about mesh networking, and its utility, although ad hoc mesh networks require communities: you won't have a device that arbitrarily links you into a grid; you have to make that choice. Wai Sing Lee forwarded the link, and offers a variety of rebuttal and accuracy checks to it>>80211b News]

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