06 September 2002
Cool -- yes/no/maybe?: HP to unveil nanotech breakthrough. Researchers are set to announce a milestone in the company's goal to build future generations of smaller, faster and cheaper chips based on "molecular grids." [CNET News.com]
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Back from Lisbon, leaving sun and clear skies and hot streets full of laid-back city residents for a sharp cold wind and the cloudy skies of Dublin (was that rain splattering outside the airport...?). I am still processing the various aspects of the SAP conference -- mixed messages on the economy (it ain't getting any better anytime soon, say the execs); the move to offer a product for the small/medium sized business market that might be a good move and what customers want (powerful software resized to suit their needs, which gives them some big-company benefits), or might be more of what they don't want (neutered complexity that confuses them).

One of the parts of the conference that I really enjoyed was the exhibit by Austrian multimedia arts organisation Ars Electronica from Linz. They are doing some collaborative work with SAP and, besides having one of their artists launch the conference with an installation piece (I flew in that night so missed it, unfortunately) showed some cool works around the theme of interactive text. I spent some time playing around with those, which included work by John Cho and MIT's John Maeda . Ars E's annual show/conference starts on Saturday in Linz.

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Ummmm, okay... someone, somewhere will buy anything... : <<Turn your bonsai into a tragic diorama. Crash Bonsai sells highly detailed miniature wrecked cars, with the notion tha tyou'll use them to adorn your bonsai tree, staging a teeny car-crash in your pot-o-mini-serenity.>> [Boing Boing Blog]
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From Plastic: <<Latest AI Can Play Games With Or Without You. Plastic::Games::Technology: The algorithm infers and tests basic strategies, gleaned from a history of user strategies, eventually deciding upon a single action. [Plastic]>>
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From CNET: <<Netizens: Sept. 11 justifies Web blitz. Americans don't necessarily care if the government removes public information from the Net in the name of national security, according to a new study examining post-Sept. 11 Web habits. [CNET News.com]>>
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From InfoWorld: <<Analysis: Napster used all nine lives but legacy remains. Napster is gone, but other file swapping networks remain [InfoWorld: Top News]>>
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