Friday, May 3, 2002

Accessory Update
Updated "EUCCI accessories" document, which covers the XML-RPC services I found already existed on my old Zope 2.2 server, as well as the new one I wrote today.
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AppleScript Studio, XML-RPC, and Zope
I found this article while browsing around today about using AppleScript Studio and Filemaker, and I finally had the nerve to do what I've been meaning to do for a long time - expose the hypr list of urls for as a list of mappings, and start learning AppleScript / AppleScript Studio.

I did it. Pretty easily too. I followed the first half of the article, but instead of using Filemaker to fill in the data source, I used a new DTML Method on my site called hyprSWNK. I got that app going in about sixteen lines of code - not bad considering the verbosity of AppleScript. I spent the second half of the evening adding in support to open the URL of the selected row in the table. I had some problems, because OmniWeb was not responding to the AppleScript statement I was using, but eventually when I tried Internet Explorer, it worked fine. Pretty cool for a couple of hours work.

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There's been an aggressive design push recently, with the new EUC.CX design (coinciding with the release of Kate Cheuffer Stripped Bare, finally), and now the new Industrie Toulouse design. It will slowly spread to other pages...
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