Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Personal RSS readers
Personal RSS aggregators, and a personal note about BYTE. Here's my final column for, on personal RSS aggregators. Pardon me while I wax sentimental for a moment. It has been a long and meaningful relationship. ... [Jon's Radio]

It's Jon's last article for Byte. And it's an interesting one. When I first got Radio, I never expected to use the News Aggregator feature. But now, it's an integral part of my work day. Hours are not measured by the o'clock anymore, but by the distance from a news update.
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New stuff from Fink
I've been using Fink on Mac OS X to get most of my *nix software. Fink is a package manager for both Darwin and OS X (based on apt-get from Debian), as well as a collection of ported software. Today, I ran the dselect program (a text GUI front end to the packages) to see what was updated, and what was new. Of interest was the list of New Optional packages in section languages:
  • aplus-fsf - an APL based programming system
  • Gwydion Dylan - the Gwydian compiler system for the interesting Dylan programming language, which was once a child of the good ol' Apple Research Labs (where Squeak and the grandfather of RDF (MCF) also came from).
  • HUGS - The Haskell interpreter.
  • ocaml - "The latest implementation of the Caml dialect of ML".

While it's probably not too difficult to get these up and running on ones own, Fink does a really good job at managing, installing, and even building packages (depending how you run it).
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