Wednesday, May 8, 2002

It was a long day peppered with strange (and also long) intermissions. After four and a half years of using Zope/Principia, I finally used Sessions for the first time. This is one area where Zope strangely lagged behind other web technologies, but the resulting Session implementation in Zope 2.5.x is outstanding.
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Application Servers, Venture Capital, Bust ups, and the Wayback Machine
As I was reading about Lutris folding, I remembered reading Philip Greenspun's story about the bust up of Ars Digita after large amounts of venture capital came in. If you go to the page now, it's been basically removed due to some court settlement.

But, thanks to the Wayback Machine, the story lives on. It's a very interesting read, and a good lesson to be learned about seeking out venture capital - you might get the money you need, but the price can sometimes be higher than you foresee. I've been in companies that have nearly been destroyed by a group of bad investors, but the integrity of the founders and a collection of good investors were able to stand up to them and come up with a good plan to get the company back on focus.
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Another one bites the dust?
Java server maker Lutris bows out [IDG InfoWorld]

It's been interesting, first watching Ars Digita be gutted, and now Lutris folds. Zope Corporation is still very much alive however, even without trying to make a $5000 product out of Zope to sell, like it seems some of the other companies tried to do with their open source app servers.
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the lincoln orchard
As I was going to bed, trying to read Wonderful Town, a collection of New York focused stories from The New Yorker and being somewhere in between being too tired and being an insomniac, I remembered a night a year and a half ago, stepping out of Lincoln Center a bit past midnight and taking a cab down to Orchard, one of my favorite bars in the city.

I don't know why, but there's a bit of a halo around that cab ride in my memory. The colors are a little off (white's are very sharp), like the night shots in Bringing Out The Dead. Beautiful night. I miss the east.
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