Thursday, May 16, 2002

A Cool OmniGraffle Tip
James Davidson: my favorite by far is the ability to drag a Cocoa framework (say, /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework) onto the OmniGraffle application icon and have it generate a nice class diagram for you.
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The Day Star Wars Got Good Again
We just got out of Attack of the Clones. My friend put it best - "...the day Star Wars got good again".
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More agility, drawing on napkins
A follow-up to yesterday's Sortof Agile Modeling post - look how pretty! This one is from initial musings on the structure of SCS.

Compound Part Interactions

More OmniGraffle output can be seen in my old Compound Elements proposal for Zope's CMF (content management framework).

These are great examples of OmniGraffle's usefulness - enough usable objects and palettes (with new ones being easy to make) to get a diagram going, enough free-form nature to express anything you want.

As Jon Udell puts it - it's like drawing on napkins. Only better!
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