Tuesday, May 14, 2002

The Revenge of the NeXT continues
Apple, Xserve. It's really going to be a head trip if Apple can actually start invading Sun's territory. The (plotted) revenge of the NeXT continues. Now to see how well these pups do for sale.

I think they'll do moderately well. I'd love to have one here. We have a mix of pure-designers, designer-programmers, and programmer-sysadmins. The latter two breeds have fully moved to Mac OS X, and the pure-designers are finally moving there as well now that so many critical design tools have moved over (Photoshop 7, GoLive 6, Illustrator 10, Macromedia's MX line). As a workgroup server, these machines could kick ass. I also wouldn't be surprised to see them take over Sun boxes in rendering farms (particularly at Pixar, but that should be no surprise), or at the very least become a key piece of SAN design targeted towards the massive files and projects typically shared by graphic designers, animators, and other key parts of the so-called Core Mac Audience.
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