Thursday, May 30, 2002

Making coffee before having coffee can yield disastrous results
Some mornings, one just needs to be reminded that it's not a good idea to reach over an open gas stove flame (to get the kettle to put on said flame) while wearing a loose heavy terry cloth bathrobe.

Unless one really does intend to set ones self on fire.

Postscript: I'm OK though - the robe doesn't even bear any burn marks, and I did stop the flames before they got to my hair. Besides nothing really wakes you up like the sight of fire dancing across your arm. On mornings like this, though, I feel like Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown:All I can make is cereal and maybe toast.

Linus:That's right Charlie Brown, I have seen you make toast before! You can't butter it, but maybe we can help you!

(Quote lifted from the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Speaking of Charlie Brown, flip through this tribute to Charles Schulz by a large section of top editorial cartoonists.)
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