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Sunday, May 26, 2002

Today's bike workout calls for an hour and a half of riding, 45 minutes at what my coach calls "light" intensity.  I'm going really well now in light.  I can do about 22-23 mph with my HR around 150 bpm (85% LT).  And 16 sprints in the 53x13.  That should hurt a bit.

Tomorrow I'm off to the White Mountains to ride the Kancamangus highway.  98 miles, two big hills - the Kanc and Franconia Notch.  Yes, I'll be going well over 50 mph on a skinny tire road bike.  This, my friends, is what life is all about.


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In a thread in the RPC/objects/doc-lit conversation, Ingo Rammer writes:

Instead, one would have to think differently. It's not about objects, it's not about endpoints, it's definitely not about WSDL anymore. All those things are just intermediaries when going to really scaleable and extensible message passing. You'd have to think publish-and-subscribe eventing, workflow, transformation, routing, semantically compensating transactions, security, and so on.

All I've gotten from SOAP so far is a formatting specification.  It doesn't do anything new and interesting for distributed computing, other than perhaps attempting to address interoperability.  But the fear I have is that as we start to add all the good stuff that we want, maintaining interop will be tough.

So, back to the RPC vs. doc/lit debate... I don't get it.  Am I thick?  What's the difference between sending a message to something and having that something do something with the message and calling a method?


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An article from Wired News on Microsoft's attempts to enter the mobile phone market.  They are eyeing Nokia as their main target, and it sounds like Nokia has been worried for a while.  Are we looking at the beginning of a war between Windows CE and Symbian?

"We are running a startup inside of Microsoft," said Juha Christensen, vice president of Microsoft's mobile device division.  "We are focused on a separate set of competitors, different from the rest of our competitors..."

Its going to be an up hill battle for sure.  They have Samsung signed up for CE phones, which according to the article represents 7.5 percent of the mobile phone market, so that's not a bad start.

At the end of his spiel, Christensen drew a couple of business cards from a box to give away Compaq Ipaq Pocket PCs. To the audiences amusement, the first device went to a Nokia employee.



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