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John Burkhardt
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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Dan Gillmore:

"Communications and collaboration -- that's the meaning of the Internet, and the tools are getting better all the time."



8:02:46 AM    

A new article showed up on DevX about my project.  One thing that sets this one apart from previous pieces about Groove Edge Services is that they actually mention my name!  Or at least Matt Pope does.  Thanks Matt!

(sometimes I feel like Mike, in Monsters Inc., when it comes to publicity)

I would also add one more small correction.  The article suggests that Edge Services will allow Groove to serve and consume SOAP.  Groove can already consume SOAP today.  That's how we do the management server, but other people have written tools to take advantage of it, like Tim Knip for example!


6:52:40 AM    

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