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John Burkhardt
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Thursday, May 30, 2002

Tonight I'll be watching coverage of the Giro on OLN.  They've been broadcasting the last hour and a half of each stage live, off the Italian TV feeds.  Its really hard to avoid finding out the results until I get to watch the taped version at night.  OLN is the reason I have cable!  Last night was incredible.  Tyler has been blogging the Giro (sort of) - I can't believe the guy can sit down and type after a day like that in the Dolomites:

"A few weeks ago, I previewed the stages here in the Dolomites and I knew right away that this was where the race would be won or lost. There were moments during today's stage when I was in so much pain I wanted to sit up. But when I looked around and saw my teammate gutting it out with me on the Passo de Fedaia I knew what I had to do - and that was to press on."

Some people are just not made like the rest of us.  The Giro website is also awesome. Just don't tell me what it says for another few hours!

7:06:52 PM    

Brad Wilson, aka the .NET Guy:

What is Sam Gentile's secret? Astute readers of my weblog comments know

Ha ha.. I wonder how many other people are closet Linux hackers.  Ok, I admit it.. I'm running Redhat in my basement.  My NEBC Website runs on Linux and I mirror the site here so I can experiment.  The other day I was at the water cooler with a fellow employee and somehow we both started spontaneously talking about PHP, and Apache, and mySQL... emacs, pipes, grep, sed...  yummy!

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