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  Sunday, January 12, 2003

From the "bigger they are the harder they fall" department:

Steve Case to Step Down as Chairman of AOL Time Warner. Stephen Case, the former chief executive of AOL who engineered its acquisition of Time Warner, will remain a board member. By David D. Kirkpatrick. [New York Times: Business]

With AOL/TW about to write down the phantom value of the AOL part of the company (~$10 bill), the dumbness of the merger will be obvious to all. It's time for TW to cut AOL loose. It's best use now is to counter Micro$soft's attempt to monopolize online access.

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Missed opportunities

Despite all the best intentions, I had to miss the fine blogger's burger feast in the City last night. I really wanted to meet Tara (she owes me a t-shirt), and to chat with all the other attendees. Instead, I bowed to sanity, realizing that a round trip to SF runs nearly five hours, and I'm still recovering from this nasty bout with bronchitis. Dave, Chris, and Scoble all have accounts of the event. I vote for the next one to be somewhere in Silicon Valley. That drive I can handle.

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