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  Thursday, January 16, 2003

Next week at Silicon Valley STC

Tuesday, January 21: a presentation on FrameMaker 7 at the Santa Cruz sub-chapter. Meeting at Peachwood's in Santa Cruz.

Thursday, January 23: a panel on alternative tech writing opportunities at the Silicon Valley chapter. At Four Points Sunnyvale.

I'll be at both meetings.

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And I was hoping for Ted Turner

I thought it would be a kick to have Ted "Mouth of the South" Turner as AOL/TW chairman. He built TBS, TNT, TCM, WGN, CNN, so he knows ho to run media companies. Not to be, apparently. Hey, I don't own any of their nearly-worthless stock, so they don't have to listen to me.

AOL Time Warner Names Parsons to Be Its Chairman. The board of AOL Time Warner named its chief executive, Richard D. Parsons, to be its chairman this afternoon. By David D. Kirkpatrick and Kenneth N. Gilpin. [New York Times: Business]

Ted was heavily into yacht racing thirty years ago. Then sometime during the '80s he came to his senses, saying something like "there are just too many important things happening in the world to stay involved in yacht racing." I wish I had saved the exact quote.

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Dang, and I haven't finished the last one!

Harry Potter, AWOL, Returns in June for No. 5. The long-delayed fifth book in the Harry Potter fantasy series is now scheduled for release on June 21. By Seth Schiesel. [New York Times: Books]

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"Start your own revolution and cut out the middleman."

Billy Bragg, "The Great Leap Forward"

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