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  Monday, May 19, 2003

Keynote address from Natalie Angier, science writer, who talked a lot about the Jayson Blair affair at the New York Times--and the first two or three references she made most of us still couldn't quite pick up what she was talking about. I guess we don't read the NYT that much out on the Left coast, so Blair's fraud didn't strike us so forcibly. But Angier's point was that we're all--technical communicators, journalists, scientists--engaged in finding and communicating Truth, and it feels somehow unnatural to most of us to intentionally deviate from said Truth.

I attended two good sessions on how to manage and survive transitions to XML/Single-Sourcing, by Sarah O'Keefe and Janice Gelb, along with an information design progression that included a collaborative session between Beth "IDBLog" Mazur and yours truly. Had some good chats with assorted STC luminaries, and even ran into a manager from PeopleSoft.

Yes, I skipped the Open Jam session tonight to check mail. TTFN.

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