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  Tuesday, May 20, 2003

. . .in a wet and windy Dallas. Thunderstorms early this morning, overcast and wet the rest of the day. But inside, plenty of learning and discussion going on. I attended a panel discussion this morning on trends in technical communication, with lively discussion on the meaning of "knowledge management" and the benefits of simplified English. More single-sourcing sessions (I think I've heard enough for now, thank you), and some not-so-bleeding edge presentations.

Jenny, you were right to save your money for your daughter.

Had dinner tonight with Geoff Hart, Janice Gelb, Bill, Melanie, Kirstie, and the lovely and talented Jenny "Creative Technical Writer" Berger, one of the world's foremost blogging technical communicators. We must have driven the staff at Lombardi's nuts, but we left them a nice tip. And near the end of the dinner Silicon Valley Chapter President Beau Cain called to say we'd received a Pacesetter award! Tres cool, and completely unexpected.

We'll wrap it up tomorrow, then home Thursday in time for the monthly dinner meeting. Ciao for now.

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