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  Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Why Is Peter Ueberroth Spamming Voters?.  [Techdirt]

Pertinent quote:

I was, however, influenced not to vote for anyone who thinks that spamming is an effective way to communicate with the voting public.

Same goes for me; I've received (and deleted) two spams from Ueberroth, not to mention a few from Presidential candidates. A word to the wise candidate: don't spam me unless I've given you permission by leaving my name and email address on your Web site.

Oh, and BTW, I won't be spending a lot of bandwidth here on discussing who I'm going to vote for and why, in part because I haven't decided. But for those of you who think this recall just proves California's wackiness quotient, let me say this: When you're the world's fifth largest economy, you can tell us just how wacky we are.

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