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  Wednesday, September 24, 2003

They're finally getting the idea, if only for one day:  free WiFi! See for freebie locations.
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Yes, it's been a few days since I've blogged here. I was pretty hammered last week with work, what with a deadline rushing madly this way. It will come and pass whatever I do. I also ventured to Southern California for a few days of college tours with the teenager, as well as a party with a small gang of old high-school buddies. Yes, fellows I knew that long ago (one goes back to middle school days), and we still get together and have some fun. The teenager was duly amused and gratified to find that his old dad is not the weirdest nor geekiest of the gang.

Other discoveries: "high-speed Internet access" means different things to different hotels. In the case of the Best Western Seven Seas Lodge in San Diego, it means one PC in the hotel lobby, not WiFi in each room. It pays to ask careful questions.

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