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  Monday, September 15, 2003

PeopleSoft CEO: 'Oracle failed'. Chief Executive Craig Conway continues the war of words in his company's battle to fend off a hostile bid from rival Oracle. [CNET - Front Door]

Buried in the story is this claim by Conway:

He said the "jobless recovery" phenomenon is a direct result of the leaps in productivity that companies have made by using information technology, including the type that PeopleSoft develops.

So, uh, I'm in some way responsible for the jobless part of "jobless recovery"? Please, please, forgive me!

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Liberty Lost: Bush, Ashcroft Use Anti-Terror Law More Broadly. AP: New terror laws used vs. common criminals. In the two years since law enforcement agencies gained fresh powers to... [Dan Gillmor's eJournal]

One of the worst fears about Bush, Ashcroft, and their attack on our freedoms has been that the laws they assured us we needed for our own safety would be misused and abused. Which is exactly what is happening. There is some solice in the knowledge that there's plenty of noise being made about curtailing the Patriot Act's worst features. Better yet, it should be repealed as a whole, and the sooner the better. We can't afford this kind of safety.

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