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  Friday, September 5, 2003

 "A friend once told me that in times of crisis, the best thing to do is put another sugar lump in your tea."

-John Toner, General Manager, Europa Hotel  First Impression..[Fast Company]

In other words, slow down and get some perspective.

For instance: The teenager attends a college-prep high school, so the pressure is on to start applying to those colleges. So the first thing they do with the seniors is take them on a retreat to a Tibetan Buddhist center in the hills of Soquel (Land of Medicine Buddha) to relax, do yoga, be quiet, and to talk about the process of getting into the college you want. The boy came back saying he was actually relaxed. Brilliant move.

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Being on the CHI announcements list I get little invitations like this one:

To kick of the NYC UPA Fall season, the NYC
Usability Professionals' Association presents:
Blogging in Corporate America
with Michael Angeles, Lucent Technologies' Information Specialist

A presentation about who blogs, how and why,
plus how Lucent Technologies is supporting bloggers
and other content on their Intranet.

Since I'm not in New York I won't attend, but would if I could. It would be interesting to hear what usability professionals think about blogging.

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