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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Ever wonder how to say "spam" in German?

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Online Journalism Review: "Journo Blogs Shut by Stupidity or Fear?"

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Salon on music downloads: "Apple's service is best thought of not as a technological breakthrough but as a psychological one." Bonus quote: "Except for some well-paid congressmen, nobody likes the music industry anymore." Now who could they be talking about?

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Doc is enjoying something I loved when I'd visit home from NYC: reruns of Spring.

Meanwhile, his son's search venture sounds really cool. It's built around the same premise I was trying to apply to online journalism yesterday, and that Dave Winer noted about P2P long ago--the Web is a people thang.

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The next weblog candidates

My Sunday column was not a job application, although I would consider running for mayor if Greensboro made it a fulltime job (it ain't gonna happen).

I think my weblog would help me run an effective campaign. I never felt like Tara Grubb exploited the vote-getting capacity of a weblog enough in her pioneering run for Congress against Howard Coble.

One thing I would do would be to blog every visit to civic clubs, churches, candidate forums, etc. Mention the name of the group, and a few of the people involved, report on the atmosphere, neighborhood, food, whatever, try to tie what was said by candidate and audience to larger issues and themes of my campaign. Post pictures of the events.

Wonks would love the details. Everyone else would love seeing their name, organization, smiling face, and ideas on the Internet. A bond between candidate and voter would begin to form.

Weblogs should also be useful for organizing and scheduling--getting people to events, finding out about events to visit, attracting volunteers, etc. Candidates use websites for this kind of stuff already, but weblogs are a much more intimate and immediate form of communication.

Somebody running for something in November 2003 has a chance to really move this forward.

(And I know that the Greensboro City Council has nine voting members, not seven as misstated in the column.)

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IsThatLegal: "Noting Moussaoui's success with this unconventional motion, government lawyers today will file a 'Motion to Dispense with the Formality of a Trial and Just Execute This Moroccan Sumbitch.'"

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Chomsky vs. GandalfMean Mr. Mustard vs. United Federation of Planets

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