Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Paper Lion: "It's not often you find yourself needing emergency help in this city, but you're in darn good hands when you need it."

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Which is the real news story, and which is the parody?

Al-Jazeera will show more of the Republican convention than ABC, CBS and NBC combined.

"The popular but oft-criticized Al-Jazeera Arab television news network launched its 'Lighter Side Of The News' segment Monday."

No peeking.

Pencils down.

AnswersFake   Real (via Romenesko)

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Cori Dauber: "Oh my God, I think I'm just going to go to bed for a week."

She's reacting to a poll that claims to show that "half of New Yorkers believe US leaders had foreknowledge of impending 9-11 attacks and 'consciously failed' to act."

Dauber: "To say that the government was complicit puts us in Middle Eastern the CIA-and-Mossad-did-it-the-Jews-got-a-call-the-night-before territory."

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Instapundit in the WSJ: Godzilla vs. the 'Blogosphere'


Remember, the software is non-partisan and non-ideological, it can be used to cut in any direction.


Meanwhile, back at his own ranch, Instapundit says Kerry needs to hire Joe Trippi.

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Ruby Sinreich was unimpressed by our Senator's speech to the RNC last night: "She says 'The constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.' So we are required to practice a faith to maintain citizenship status?"

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Sydney and I went to Leblon Churrascaria last night for some serious protein ingestion. 

Elijah is on a school trip, and Lisa is spending a couple of days in the mountains, leaving the family's more ardent carnivores to fend for ourselves. We decided that a restaurant where they keep bringing meat to the table until you tell them to stop could be our kind of place.

It was good, and fun. We tried everything -- the chicken and the pork and the sausage and the lamb and the turkey, along with the sirloin and the flank steak and the prime rib and the ribs. Everything was tasty, but next time I'm going for an all-beef experience, just because I can. I also had a decent glass of an Aussie shiraz blend.

The place was packed on a Tuesday night -- it looked like an after-business hangout for the expense acount crowd. My guess is that you want to be there when it's busy, the system works better when fresh stuff keeps pouring out of the kitchen.

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An all-conservative op-ed page in this morning's N&R, with one smart local column by the paper's own Doug Clark, and two by-the-numbers wastes of paper by syndicated writers.

The most egregious space-filler comes from Cal Thomas, who opines on why "liberals" "detest" Bush, complete with lame generalizations about  the "secular or theologically squishy left." Did you know opposition to the war in Iraq comes from people who "know no Truth?" Puh-leeze. This is sub-stupid material.

More syndicated pap from Kathleen Parker, who writes about the NYC protests under a worse-than-the-column headline that sneers at  "liberals' tantrums."

Is this really the best we can do in terms of syndicated conservative opinion fare?

Clark's thought-provoking column is on the Christian fraternity suing UNC because the university won't recoginize it as an official organization unless it signs a diversity pledge. Clark doesn't like the pledge, but he also criticizes other religious groups for signing it in order to get official recognition. Therein lies the solution, I think -- if you want to be an exclusionary group, you can't be an official campus group, and vice versa.

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Mr. Sun diagrams Dick Cheney's positions on individual rights.

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