Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Erskine Bowles campaign has raised $183,767 from 1,436 online donors. The goal is $200 k by tomorrow at midnight.

The rival Richard Burr campaign accepts online donations, but has no goals posted. I will ask them how much they have raised online.

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LaChanze has a slick new website, with lots of links to the Broadway-bound musical version of The Color Purple.

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Republican congressman Howard Coble of Greensboro on Iraq: "post-invasion strategy was inadequate at best."

Good for Howard. I mean it's not exactly news, but you can't fix what you don't acknowledge.

He's quoted by N&R reporter Matt Williams at the paper's Inside Scoop weblog. "Saying he was trying to be as generous as possible to the Republican administration," writes Williams, "Coble said...'We're there now and don't appear to have a good strategy.'"

"But he said there's plenty of blame to go around, including the Congress, intelligence agencies and the Clinton administration. Coble said he still backs the decision to go to war."

Coble's opponent in the upcoming election, Democrat Will Jordan, on the war.

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Doc Searls: "That last link currently brings up 24 results on Google. A year from now, it will pull up hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions."

He's talking about podcasting -- the way we'll be listening to music in the near future.

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RC3: "To be blunt, there is no John Kerry cult of personality. "

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Jeff Thigpen, candidate for Guilford County register of deeds, is blogging about poor technology planning for local government, electronic storage, customer service, disaster recovery...his blog is turning into a real issues forum. Plus he has a picture of himself with John McCain.

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Monkeytime rips Erskine Bowles for his stance on gays and Hispanic immigration. "So, ok, Erskine, you got me. I'm gonna grab my crotch, flip off the ballot and vote for you, like I vote for all the other lesser-evil Democrats your party shoves my way. (Don't laugh at the crotch grab, folks; it does wonders for preventing vomiting in the voting booth.)"

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Your tax dollars at work: Martin Kozloff is a professor at UNC-Wilmington. He penned this thoughtful note about "arab-muslim culture" and sent it to a blog. The part describing what he and his fellow tough guys could do here in the US is especially nice -- burning mosques, attacking "arab-muslim" organizations, "muzzling" professors, and deporting "arab-muslims" to the desert.

Quoth Kozloff:

"Ordinary Americans are arming themselves for war with you. I and many of my friends have closets full of handguns, rifles, shotguns and thousands of cartridges.

If we had enough ammunition and time, we would kill every last one of you...

One day soon, our planes and missiles will begin turning your mosques, your madrasses, your hotels, your government offices, your hideouts, and your neighborhoods into rubble.

And then our soldiers will enter your cities and begin the work of killing you, roaches, as you crawl from the debris...

And if you come to this country and harm a child, shoot a mother, hijack a bus, or bomb a mall...

We will burn your mosques.

We will invade the offices of pro-arab-muslim organizations, destroy them, and drag their officers outside.

We will tell the chancellors of universities either to muzzle or remove anti American professors, whose hatred for their own country we have tolerated only because we place a higher value on freedom of speech. But we will no longer tolerate treason. We will muzzle and remove them.

We will transport arab-muslims to our deserts, where they can pray to scorpions under the blazing sun."

Damn liberal academics.

(hat tip to reader Nick for the pointer)

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