Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Richard Burr campaign has authorized and funded a group called Students for Burr, which has weblog called Blog 4 Burr. Pretty tame so far, but plenty of info and reasonably frequent updates.

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Erskine Bowles spoke to a packed house at Temple Emanuel in Greensboro tonight. I thought his opponent, Richard Burr, was good when he spoke there last month. Bowles was better.

His talk was full of specifics -- on jobs and the economy, Iraq, balancing the budget (under Clinton, and in the future), education, and his soon-to-be-released healthcare plan. And of course, given the venue, Iz-rul, which he, too, pronounces like a southern politician.

Bowles pointed people to his website for details of his plans and positions. Beyond his command of the facts and issues, Bowles managed to tie in his experience as White House chief of staff, as a former board member at Merck, businessman, etc. and make it relevant to the conversation.

It was a real tour de force performance. North Carolina has a couple of good candidates for Senate this time around, but Bowles is emerging as someone who could become a real leader on the national stage.

9:43:08 PM    comment [] "Bob! Bob! I just had a vision. What if we made yogurt that you ate from a tube?!?"

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Glenn Reynolds: "(I)t's probably not a good idea to do too much blogging while medicated."

Man, I wish I had known that when I started...

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Dave Winer: "I was able to visualize my own death so clearly, I decided to accept it, and act as if I had died."

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Mike Munger: "Why aren't the Democrats running against what Bush did in the last three years?"

I think Kerry has started to that -- it's what we heard in GSO this week.

More TK in my Sunday column.

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Paul Samuelson challenges the theory that outsourcing and free trade will necessarily have a net benefit to the US economy.

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Blogging soldier Colby Buzzell is attracting a lot of attention. This morning's WSJ says (unposted) that the Army is concerned that he may be sharing a bit too much information.

The Journal reports that blogs are allowed and that most communication from soldiers is uncensored, but that Buzzell got in trouble for reporting that his unit ran low on water during a firefight, and for telling how he got more ammunition during the same standoff.

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NYT: "The brutal school siege in Russia, with hundreds of children dead and wounded, has touched off an unusual round of self-criticism and introspection in the Muslim and Arab world."

Lip service, or the start of something important?

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Survey says...regional blog conference a winner.

Thanks to TheShu for running this survey of participants in the Piedmont Blog Conference.

People seemed to like the un-conference format. Strong belief that not having wireless access was a good thing.

Interesting -- the community session drew the most high marks, followed by journalism and then politics...that may skew to the type of person who fills out surveys.

Read the whole thing here.

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