Tuesday, September 14, 2004

David Neiwert's response to Glenn Reynolds.

I still don't think Glenn's reference to "Arab terrorists" justified Neiwert saying that Reynolds fears "dark-skinned Muslims." The 9/11 terrorists were in fact Arabs, as is Osama. It's not racist to say so, but Neiwert's remark does imply that Reynolds is a racist.

Neiwert does a lot of good work, I'm sorry to see him lawyer this point. Reynolds is wrong about the war, and his willingness to lawyer points of his own can be maddening, but on this one I can see why he feels wronged.

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Patrick Eakes has the Y? chromosone.

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Glenn Reynolds: "I meant my remarks as criticism of Neiwert, rather than Muller, and I didn't phrase them properly to reflect that. My apologies." 

In a move both gentlemanly and scholarly, Instapundit links to his own apology at the top of his page, rather than just burying it as an appendage to yesterday's news.

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