Tuesday, September 21, 2004

PeopleSoft announces big deal with IBM, will standardize on IBM middleware and bundle it at no additional cost with its enterprise products.

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Eric Muller: "(T)hese heady days of blogospheric triumphalism are not really about the victory of truth; they're about partisanship."


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Ahh, sweet sweet Wi-Fi...on the floor of the Moscone center. Listening to PeopleSoft CEO Craig Conway give his keynote at the big PS user conference. He says Craig Barrett will speak on Thursday, I'll be sorry to miss that. And Bill O'Reilly will speak on Friday -- wha? Bill O'Reilly? Not so sorry to miss that one. Conway pimps the big party on Thursday night, with Train and Kool and the Gang. Please keep using our software, we entertain you so well...

Anyway, he ledes with the big story: "Have you ever had a bad dream that wouldn't end?"

The crowd laughs, knows the dream is Larry Ellison.

Conway sez, the recent court decision doesn't mean Oracle wins. The crowd applauds. And he's into the nuts and bolts, to which I must pay attention...

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Deadlines, reporting, sorry-ass hotel with dial-up in the middle of the supposed tech capital of the universe...looks like another pretty slow blogging day.

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Research, federal money, high-dollar jobs...go Aggies.

N&R: "N.C. A&T and the U.S. Department of Agriculture...will sign an agreement...that will bring about 80 mostly advanced-degree scientists and technologists earning about $93,000 from across the country to Greensboro."

If it works out, "Greensboro will become a hub for researching biofuels, soil erosion and the sociology of farming."

Biofuels sounds promising. Soil erosion, hmm, we need to stop that. The sociology of farming? Hey, it's only pork of it's spent somewhere else.

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GuilfordGOPNews says the N&R's (unposted) article about events in support of increased education funding should have explained who the sponsoring groups are. You don't need to buy into his snarly tone to see that he may have a point...(scroll down to Sept. 21 -- dude is in serious need of some blog software that allows permalinks, or at least breaks up the copy into bite-sized chunks.

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"Angelina Jolie is hot even as a fish."

A new Greensboro blog, GateCity, attains wisdom on its second post.

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