Saturday, September 03, 2005

Chris Nolan:

There was looting after 9/11. It was reported, too by William Langewiesche in The Atlantic Monthly. He wrote about stacks of blue jeans - lifted from the retail shops below the World Trade Center - found sitting in fire trucks.

His account was greeted with outrage. The firefighters of New York, led by the widow of biologist and media darling Stephen Jay Gould shouted Langewiesche down.

The nice hardworking, near starving black folks of New Orleans don't have any a well-connected widow to speak for them. So lots of us white folks are sitting and "wondering" why New Orlean is "filled" with looters and New York -- and its white, unionized fire fighters -- are all shining heroes.

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Troublemaker on 13-year-old Phi Nguyen, killed in a robbery of his family's convenience store on McConnell Road: "You could not miss him. He was, for the most part, in charge of his families (sic) store. He was the only one that could speak English fluently. He carried himself unlike other 13 year old boys. You could tell he had more going on than video games, sports, movies and girlfriends. His world included taking inventory, putting up stock, watching for shoplifters, counting money, and translating for his parents..."

Two men have been arrested and charged with murder.

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President Announces Global War on Weather

Washington, September 3...Responding to the devastation along the Gulf Coast caused by Hurricane Katrina, President Bush today announced that the United States would wage a Global War on Weather.

Bush said that he was prepared to invade Venezuela, where the weather is known to be "really, really bad."

Critics of the plan urged Bush to finish the job of cleaning up from Katrina, and noted that oil-rich Venezuela had nothing to do with the Gulf Coast storm. Many also point out that "weather" is not an enemy that can be eliminated.

Vice-President Cheney responded by warning of severe weather in other American cities, perhaps as early as this winter. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice defended her recent speech to the UN claiming that Venezuela tried to buy yellow raincoats from Niger.

As part of the Global War on Weather, the National Weather Service will be reorganized into Department of Climate Security, which will report to Michael Chertoff.

The Global War on Weather may be downgraded in the future to a Global Struggle Against Rainy Days.

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Reality pushes Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivera off message in New Orleans.

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