Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Scary fake news: "Google Announces Plan To Destroy All Information It Can't Index"

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Instapundit, liberal dupe. No pleasing some people.

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Incredible video from the Mississippi coast.

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I know the N&R has sharpened its focus on local news instead of stuff you saw on tv last night or the web this morning, and I understand that the lottery is a big big story...but I was shocked to see the devastation of a sizable swath of the United States played below the lottery coverage on page one of today's paper. Maybe I'm old fashioned to expect such a document of the obvious, but Katrina seems a story beyond the scope of normal news judgment.

JR fends off a tangential critique on the same subject, and notes that other NC papers played the stories in similar fashion.

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Guilford GOP chairman Marcus Kindley: "When you have your lunch or dinner today, think for a moment of that mother with a baby in her arms somewhere in Mississippi with no food, no clothes, no bed for her baby. Think and ask yourself....what can I do to help this person. And then thank God for living in America, and for all the gifts you have."

Glenn Reynolds is coordinating (scroll to "update" at bottom) a web-based relief effort for tomorrow.

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Glenn Reynolds is tracking flood-relief efforts.

Heroic coverage from the New Orleans Times-Picayune, which keeps going despite being flooded out of its offices.

NYT: "Inundated."

This is when television shows its best -- full screen video, vast resources -- and its worst -- endless repetition and inane commentary.

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Tight fists and rich dogs: Doug Clark forgets the old rule about speaking ill of the dead, and a fascinating column results.

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Reading between the lines: Andy Burke leaves GSO's economic development team for a job in a tertiary market, and reaction is, um, undismayed. The merger of three local groups seems to have created a squeeze at the top, and Burke's position may not even be filled. Skip Moore is pretty blunt about in the N&R: "I don't think there will be a big hiccup without Andy (Burke) there."

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Dell's problems.

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The difference between looting and foraging for survival, in black and white.

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Maybe the Voice of God editorial isn't just needs something worthy of its wrath to be interesting. Today's N&R thunders: "North Carolina residents who want to play the lottery should take what happened Tuesday in Raleigh as a warning: The state will win by any means."

After detailing the sleight-of-hand that got the lottery bill passed, the editorial concludes, "It all adds up to a dishonorable public policy. The state's leaders, starting with the governor, have taken the easy way out. That's the whole idea of the lottery theme...In the final analysis, nothing will be gained, but much will be lost. The first casualty was the state's integrity."

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