Monday, August 15, 2005

Guilford Mills will move its HQ to Wilmington, lured in part by an incentive package, reports the Business Journal. No word on a possible name change to New Hanover Mills.

Whatever the ethics of incentives in general, isn't it uncool to poach long-established companies from another North Carolina city?

I don't use tags, but if I did you could file this post under "continuing death of the industry that built this place."

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Lex links to a survey of median media salaries. Depressing. Readers who couldn't understand why the N&R killed its NYT service (including the Friedman column) over a lousy $34K per year need to read this list -- that $34K is more than 30% above the median daily newspaper salary (that's an industry median, don't know the N&R payscale, but I imagine it's not too glorious).

Newspapers are often cash machines, but the big money goes to the owners, not the reporters.

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Should the N&R have printed photos of a black child eating watermelon? I say yes, let the old stereotype die and let's move on to the fact that people do like watermelon. Easy for me to say, I know. Less easy for others to swallow.

Semi-related: My grandmother put salt on watermelon.

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Eric Muller single-handedly whups the Volokh Conspiracy. I had a similar conversation in the letters to the editor blog comments at the N&R last week -- a commenter said that elected officials in DC were calling Iraqi insurgents "freedom fighters" -- but when I asked, he couldn't name one.

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